Tuesday, April 22, 2014

one minute

Ok, I know: this is not a stylish blog photo and I can't even credit it, because I couldn't find out who took it (sorry).
Still I would like to show this to you. I saw this picture on Pinterest and I immediately pinned it to my board called 'Great Ideas'. 
I find it actually a little sad that we need reminders like this, but I'm happy someone made the effort to wake us up at this stunning outlook on the mountains.

the moment

Sunday, April 13, 2014

still live analysis

It must be because of  Instagram (YES, you can follow me ;-) that I am intrigued by still life photography more and more. This morning I tried to analyze why some still life photo's fascinate me and others don't. 

Queen of still lives, if you ask me, is Dietlind Wolf .
She was one of the first taking pictures of graphically arranged items from a top view (like the above right image). It's a trend on IG, and it's almost over it's expiration date, I think. Dietlind Wolf however constantly reinvents herself. So she uses the very same item in different ways and takes pictures in different points of view (see the hanging lemon on the left image)

And this is another nice way  to spice up the graphic top view 'trend' a little: adding tape, or illustration, or different backgrounds etc.

Jennilee Marigomen
And here it is, the definition of still life if you ask me. Capturing a real moment, a comprimed and slow mini world, a picture that says: shhhhh...

a morning without coffee is like sleep (by *Cinnamon)
Simple life, daylight, no slick styling or lay out.

I love good shadows in pictures! Talking about capturing a moment...

We know there must be more - a complete arrangement, a vase, a table - but this is all we get to see.

Maggie Ruggiero
Like the flower picture above, this food styling doesn't look balanced at first sight, the items fall off the picture on the right. But therefore I love it so much.

ps. click on the pictures to link back to their sources.

Monday, March 31, 2014


I love it: design companies that survive trends, hypes and time....
Paapje is a handscreenprint/textile manufacturer based in the Netherlands and founded in 1930! They have an impressive history of collaboration with designers, artists and architects. Most of their products are based on natural themes and of course everything is made with organic textiles. 
Their special way of printing is so wonderful, the textiles show a kind of depth and it looks like light shines through.... 
I hope Paapje will stay forever!

Friday, March 21, 2014

singapore bloesem class

Right (me in my teachers dress) photo taken by Susi
Back from Singapore! I had such a great time! Singapore is clean, green and safe and I met some lovely people! 
Above you see photo's of the amazing area of Tiong Bahru, where the Bloesem shop is located. Teaching at Bloesem class was so much fun! We decided to plan some more for Amsterdam in autumn (maybe digital pattern making for beginners...).

I loved exploring the city: from the shiny posh malls to sleepy green villages, from the botanical gardens to little India... It was so wonderful! Thanks, dear Irene (who organised everything) for the great hospitality, your support and friendship! X

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Dutch stylist/artist Miranda van Dijk from PuurAnders prints art and photo's on cotton leaves. In a very delicate and beautiful way she connects nature with art (see above) and also with people's personal memories.
Starting point of her crafty business was a photo of her grandmother as a young girl dancing in a beautiful dress. Her granny died and Miranda wanted to keep the memory alive...
Miranda has an Etsy-shop too and she loves to make a customized flower or leaf for you!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

teaching in Singapore

I am going to teach at Bloesem Class in Singapore in a few weeks!

Irene from Bloesem blogs invited me and I am so much looking forward to work with people in Singapore in the lovely creative space Irene has created there.

I will give a class about a favourite part of my job: moodboarding & styling! Every single design from my hand starts with a moodboard. It serves as my base, a creative source, it is my guide through the path of the designing process.
Read all about the class here. I think there are still some seats left, so if you are in Singapore: sign in!

All photo's taken by Irene/Bloesem.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

showUP and co-create!

Trade fair ShowUP is getting BIG. We started last year in february with 25 stands, and I am so proud to say that this year 75 wholesalers will be showing their latest designs!
A big hooray for Daan and Maya from the showUP organisation: they combine professionalism with thinking out-of-the-box. Next to a real professional trade show, ShowUP is a center of inspration and co-creation.

ShowUP loves to see people connect! This year there will be a wonderful embroidery 'machine', (see above) by designer Floor Nijdeken. It is called Crossover Collective. Visitors can sit down, stich and co-create an XXL piece of embroidery together with other people. I think this is awesome!

So, to all you people in the home-gift-design-interior business (retailers, bloggers, designers or students): come to the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam next week (sunday 02-02 and monday 03-02). Entrance is free after registration on the website.

At this very moment I can not tell you if I will manage to show you samples of my future collection of ceramics or tea towels next week on ShowUP. If the samples come in, it will be at the very last minute (the beakers will still be hot the ink still wet, I am afraid) and I will have to decide on the spot whether the collection is good enough (price/quality/production) to be presented on the market.

To be honest, I am not sleeping very well these last days...it is too exciting.